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      當前位置:PRONAL > 新聞中心 > Did you know that electronic components can also be made from rubber【Pronal】

      Did you know that electronic components can also be made from rubber【Pronal】

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      Did you know that electronic components can also be made from rubber【Pronal


      Did you know that electronic components can also be made of rubber [Pronal], Pronal Pulu's Fang Manager said in an interview on the 9th that flexible stretchable electronic components made of rubber have broad prospects in the fields of health monitoring, medical implantation, artificial skin and human-computer interaction, but there are also the following points:



      1. Current electronic data, especially semiconductor data, are mostly not stretched.

      2. Therefore, the first step is to plan out the special structure of the data.

      3. To accomplish stretchable intentions, such as folds, snakes or springs.

      4. But these methods are confused.

      5. Structural reliability is poor.

      6. High-level defect of production cost.

      1、 現在的電子資料尤其是半導體資料大多不行拉伸,

      2、 因而人們首要經過將這些資料規劃出特殊結構

      3、 來完成可拉伸的意圖,如褶皺、蛇形或繃簧等,

      4、 但這些辦法存在工藝雜亂、

      5、 結構可靠性差、

      6、 制作本錢高級缺陷。

      7、 Pronal Pulufang master plan and prepare composite rubber semiconductor materials based on semiconductor nanofibers and silicone rubber.

      These rubber semiconductors not only have excellent mechanical stretchability, but also have excellent electrical properties of semiconductors. They can operate normally under 50% stretching condition. In addition, they also developed another method for preparing composite materials, using metal and rubber materials such as gold and silver to prepare rubber conductor materials such as stretchable rubber gold and rubber silver.

      8、 Pronal普麓方總規劃并制備出根據半導體納米纖維和硅橡膠的復合橡膠半導體資料。


      Using these rubber electronic data, the whole rubber transistor and the temperature and pressure sensors of the whole rubber have been successfully manufactured. All rubber transistors can operate normally under 50% stretching condition. Various sensors also have outstanding sensing function.


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